Young woman looking up and dreaming — “The Power of Dreamers” by “Arthur G. Hernandez”
Photo by Kichigin Courtesy of Canva Pro

Never underestimate the power of Dreamers. They have a way of shaping the world to their will. Undeterred by circumstance or seeming impossibility, they carry on like an irresistible force of nature.

Dreamers are a rising tide, lifting all of those around them. As many of us become trapped in…

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ILLUMINATION Continues to Amaze

Congratulations to ILLUMINATION, its writers, and editors for more than nine months of strong dedication and amazing effort. According to TopPub, ILLUMINATION is now in the Top 100 largest publications on Medium. More specifically, ILLUMINATION currently stands as the 87th largest publication on Medium.

Arthur G. Hernandez

Once and future merchant, leadership enthusiast, writer and poet.

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